The World's Largest Independent Switch Vendor

Our promise to protect and enhance our customers' brands has been unwavering for 90 years. To deliver on this promise we're committed to providing our customers with innovative products that continue to raise-the-bar for quality, performance and reliability.

We do more than just make the world’s best switches. We are trusted advisors, helping global brands and innovators improve customer satisfaction by building better products. USP offers more than 55,000 standard products, 8.5 million switch combinations, as well as custom-designed solutions, to help solve the hardest engineering challenges faced in the automotive, industrial, IoT, wearables, medical, telecom, consumer products, aerospace and POS terminal industries.

32 K

Electromechanical switches and high-rel connectors available in our product catalog

2 M

Number of switch combinations available to valued customers

For over 48 years, leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of electronics have turned to USP when they require mission-critical reliability in an electromechanical switch, high-rel connector or custom assembly. The reason they keep coming back is because USP’s innovative design, cutting-edge production process, and strict quality assurance standards produce the world’s best switches and components.

The World's Largest Independent Switch Vendor

The Broadest & Deepest Product Portfolio

  • From highly engineered standard products to semi-custom and full custom switches and assemblies, USP has a solution to your hardest engineering challenges.

State of the Art Design Services

  • Our design centers in Europe, North America and Asia help customers create solutions to meet their most demanding requirements. In-house testing facilities ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

The Lowest Manufacturing Defect Rates

  • Our cutting-edge production process and strict quality assurance standards produce the world’s highest quality switches with the lowest defect rates.

Specialty High-Reliability Connectors

  • Our high-reliability space connectors provide mission-critical reliability when products are traveling to the final frontier.

Private Label Available

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